Rubber Boots & Farmboys


I have always thought that rubber boots were just the coolest thing ever. I have dozens of pairs and you will see them crop up frequently in my artwork and my photography. My best-known trade magazine character, Bumpkin Buzz, was never without his knee-high rubber boots.

Some of the illustrations in this section were done specifically for the AMBC, or the Amis de la Maison de la Bootes en Caoutchouc. Loosely translated, that’s Friends of the House of Rubber Boots. It is a museum in France dedicated to the history and preservation of rubber boots. I kid you not.

My more recent undertakings tend to show attractive, muscled farmboys/farmers sporting their boots or waders, caricatures of the semi-famous out of their usual attire and in boots, or fun-loving booted characters dancing, playing sports, or doing other fun things not commonly associated with big rubber boots.